Category: Examples

64x64 example
Extensions SDK Example
v.1.9-5 Plesk 12.5 +

This extension is an example extension with UI samples.

64x64 example
API Usage Example
v.1.0-3 Plesk 12.0 +

Example of API-RPC usage.

64x64 example
Custom Buttons Examples
v.1.3-0 Plesk 12.0.11 +

Demonstrates how to add custom buttons.

64x64 example
Request Management System for Plesk
v.0.6-9 Plesk 11.0.1 +

System for working with requests from customers.

64x64 example
Panel Statistics
v.1.4-0 Plesk 12.0 +

Provide statistics for external systems in plain, XML or JSON format.

64x64 example
v.1.0-11 Plesk 12.0 +

Demonstrates how to embed JavaScript code into Plesk pages.