Category: Security

Plesk Premium Email, powered by Kolab
v.16.3.0-7 Plesk 17.0.17 +

Provide a wider range of advanced mail and collaboration services to your customers with Plesk Premium Email, powered by Kolab.

Symantec SSL
v.1.2-2 Plesk 17.0 +

Reassure visitors that your site is trusted, safe to visit, and their data and transactions are secure.

v.1.3-2 Plesk 12.5 +

The extension removes the need to reboot the server, by automatically patching any security vulnerabilities in the kernel without the need for reboot

v.2.5.4-1 Plesk 12.5.30 +

Ultimate Security for Your Linux Web Server

Let's Encrypt
v.2.5.0-270 Plesk 12.5 +

Let's Encrypt is a certificate authority (CA) that allows you to create a free SSL certificate for your domain.

Security Advisor
v.1.6.0-1 Plesk 12.5 +

A step-by-step guide on improving the security of your Plesk server.

ServerShield by CloudFlare
v.1.8.14-1 Plesk 12.0.17 - 17.5.3

ServerShield by CloudFlare defends all your websites against online threats while making them load lightning fast.

v.1.3-1 Plesk 12.0 +

Patchman automatically and safely patches vulnerabilities in CMSs like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. On top of that, it cleans up malware. With this plugin you you can install and manage Patchman from your Plesk panel.

Opsani VCTR reliability and vulnerability scanner
v.2.2-0 Plesk 12.0.0 +

Opsani VCTR analyzes your server configuration, compares it to real world results from servers around the world, and reports reliability and security vulnerabilities. Opsani VCTR pro allows you to automatically or manually fix vulnerabilities, and includes dashboard and email notifications. Compatible with Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and RedHat distros. CloudLinux is not currently supported.

VirusTotal Website Check
v.1.4-2 Plesk 12.5.30 +

Check your websites for viruses automatically using multiple anti-virus engines.

v.1.2.0-55 Plesk 17.0 +

This extension enables you to protect DNS data with Domain Name System Security Extensions. Due to BIND version requirements, the extension works only on the following OSes: Debian 8, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 7, RHEL 7 and CloudLinux 7. DNSSEC is provided for FREE in "Web Pro" and "Web Host" license editions. It's PAID in "Web Admin" edition.

SpamExperts Email Security
v.1.2-0 Plesk 12.5.0 +

The application integrates SpamExperts' advanced email security system with Plesk, offering automatic protection of domains and emails as well as a one-click login option to the dedicated SpamExperts control panel to manage specific settings and view detailed statistics.

Nimbusec Website Security Monitor & Abuse Process Automation
v.2.1-0 Plesk 17.0 +

Nimbusec detects malware, defacements and blacklisting. With its extensive API and multi-user framework Nimbusec is fully integrated into your Plesk infrastructure and can even be offered as value added security service. Attractive re-selling programs for web hosters including white-labeling are available. Nimbusec's SPAM Shell, 0-Day root shell and CMS version detection capability protect your IP reputation, decrease unwanted traffic and reduce server load. As a hosting provider you can support your customers with pro-active help and use Nimbusec to remove malware infections fast. Find out more at

Admin-Ahead Realtime File Upload Scanner
v.1.4-5 Plesk 12.0.18 +

Real time scanning of all HTTP and FTP uploads using ClamAV and reject automatically if a Virus file or bad extension is found. Option to enable automatic IP blocking and email alert and have an interface of manual ClamAV scanning

Keychain for API Secret Keys
v.1.1.0-6 Plesk 12.5 +

The extension retrieves and displays a list of secret keys, and also provides an ability to remove secret keys that are no longer needed.

Admin-Ahead LMD Manager Extension
v.1.6-6 Plesk 12.0 +

Configure LMD (Linux Malware Detect) to seek out and fight threats on your hosted environment right from your Plesk interface using the Admin-Ahead LMD Manager extension.

Admin-Ahead RKHunter Interface
v.1.1-3 Plesk 12.0 +

View scan results, detect rootkits, vulnerabilities and schedule scanning from Plesk UI with help of A-AST RKHunter Plesk Extension

Virtuozzo ReadyKernel (Discontinued)
v.1.1.1-23 Plesk 17.0 +

ReadyKernel is a product developed by Virtuozzo team, which should help to keep OS kernel up to date in terms of security fixes. This extension will help hosters get kernel on servers up to date with no downtime of their end-users' services. This extension has been discontinued.

Admin-Ahead APF Interface
v.1.1-7 Plesk 12.0 - 17.5.3

The Interface has all the option to manage your firewall: white listing IP, black listing IP, manage open TCP/UDP ports, view firewall logs, start/stop/restart APF and more.

Admin-Ahead (D)DoS deflate
v.2.5-1 Plesk 12.0 - 17.5.3

The Admin-Ahead DDOS deflate plugin for Plesk provides an easy way to install and a GUI to configure the (D)DOS Deflate utility

Perfect Dashboard
v.1.0-15 Plesk 17.0.17 +

Backup, update and test all your websites remotely from one place. With our Integrity Pledge, you don't have to worry about websites getting broken after updating - everything is automatically tested. Click "Install" in order to get free credits worth 25 Euro and use them to enjoy all premium features for free!

Admin-Ahead SSL Manager
v.1.2-1 Plesk 12.0 - 17.5.3

Easily manage IP based multiple SSL certificates for mail services from plesk interface.

Admin-Ahead DNSSEC Extension
v.2.4-4 Plesk 12 +

Admin-Ahead DNSSEC Extension can be used to sign/re-sign/un-sign single and multiple DNS zones. Extension also automatically resigns zones when changes are detected

Atomic Secured Linux
v.1.3-1 Plesk 12.5 +

This extension allows the user to install Atomic Secured Linux on their machine from the Plesk panel. Atomic Secured Linux (ASL) is a hardening suite that is light-weight and requires minimal configuration. It immunizes the entire system against whole classes of vulnerabilities, protecting it from the firewall to your applications, and all the way down to the kernel.

Admin-Ahead Bulk Password Changer
v.1.1-5 Plesk 12.0 - 17.5.3

The one stop solution to bulk reset passwords of multiple accounts covering all Plesk account types. Reset customer, email, FTP, webuser, auxiliary, MySQL and additional administrator account passwords from a single interface.

Premium Antivirus for Servers

Premium Antivirus by Dr.Web is an award winning virus scanning and filtering software

Kaspersky Antivirus for Servers
v.1.0.0-1 Plesk 12.0 +

Unlimited Mailboxes, zero touch.

Advanced ModSecurity Rules by Atomicorp
v.1.0.0-1 Plesk 12.0 +

Protect your website with Advanced ModSecurity Rules by Atomicorp