Category: Web Apps & Site Editing

WordPress Toolkit
v.2.1.1-387 Plesk 17.0.16 +

WordPress Toolkit is a powerful WordPress security and management tool that allows you to mass manage and secure your WordPress instances, plugins and themes.

Addendio - WordPress Plugins and Themes
v.1.2.0-73 Plesk 12.5 +

Search, find and install WordPress plugins and themes.

v.1.3-1 Plesk 12.0 +

Patchman automatically and safely patches vulnerabilities in CMSs like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. On top of that, it cleans up malware. With this plugin you you can install and manage Patchman from your Plesk panel.

Rich Editor
v.1.0-7 Plesk 11.5.30 +

The file manager plugin that introduces a modern WYSIWYG editor for HTML files.

Site Builder
v.3.3.8-1 Plesk 12 +

Create Your Own Website Builder. Only 15-30 minutes and you have your product. Provide site builder to your customers.

Application Auto-Provision
v.1.0.0-3 Plesk 17.0 +

Automatically install WordPress, Drupal or Joomla on domains when a service plan is provisioned.

Softaculous Auto Installer
v.1.2-2 Plesk 12.0 +

Softaculous is the leading Auto Installer having 410+ great scripts, 1115 PHP Classes and we are still adding more. Softaculous is widely used in the Web Hosting industry and it has helped millions of users install applications by the click of a button.

Web Business Builder
v.1.1-1 Plesk 12.5 +

Web Business Builder (WBB), powered by Yola, provides a user friendly way to create professional websites, with a WYSWYG editor and mobile friendly features. Web sites created with WBB may be enhanced with an eCommerce store for online sales to help drive customers to the site.

BaseKit SiteBuilder
v.1.1-2 Plesk 12.5 +

BaseKit offers a complete sitebuilding solution for your small business customers. This includes site, blog and store. All of these applications are integrated into a single user interface and work seamlessly across any device.

Perfect Dashboard
v.1.0-15 Plesk 17.0.17 +

Backup, update and test all your websites remotely from one place. With our Integrity Pledge, you don't have to worry about websites getting broken after updating - everything is automatically tested. Click "Install" in order to get free credits worth 25 Euro and use them to enjoy all premium features for free!