Submitting Plesk Extensions

Have a Plesk Extension that you want to share with the world? You can now submit it to Plesk Extension catalog by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Package your extension using the latest version of Plesk SDK (11.5+) according to submission checklist below.
  2. E-mail Plesk Extension team at, provide link to your packaged extension, and request addition to catalog. If you have any additional information regarding your extension, make sure to provide it.
  3. After we have checked extension, one of the following things will happen:
    • a. Your extension will be published in the catalog.
    • b. We will ask you to fix issues we’ve found and resubmit your extension. Submission of extension updates should follow the same steps.

Submission Checklist

Note Failing to meet these requirements can lead to resubmission request.

Helpful Links

Custom Extension Development

We recommend the following integrators if you are looking for high-quality custom Plesk extensions tailored to suit your needs: