Datagrid VCTR reliability and vulnerability scanner

Datagrid Systems Inc.
Plesk Version
12.0.0 and up
Security Monitoring


**Datagrid VCTR free:** - Analyzes your server configuration and reports security vulnerabilities in packages distributed by the operating system vendor. - Reports whether or not the vendor has released an update which fixes a vulnerability. - Provides links to OS vendor vulnerability descriptions and details. **Datagrid VCTR pro:** - Allows you to select and fix vulnerabilities from the user interface - Can be configured to automatically fix all, or just critical, vulnerabilities on a daily basis. - Provides email and dashboard notification for automatically fixed vulnerabilities and newly discovered critical vulnerabilities. Compatible with Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and RedHat distros. CloudLinux is not currently supported. [Learn More](http://doc.datagridsys.com/plesk/)


# 2.1.0 (23 December 2016) * Added support for getting "BuyNow" URL from Plesk API * Added changes and description metadata files # 2.0.0 (3 October 2016) * Added Pro version: * UI and functionality to fix vulnerabilities through package updates * Auto-update to fix critical, or all, vulnerabilities on a daily basis * Update history tab * Dashboard and email notifications # 1.8.0 (15 July 2016) * Added diagnostic telemetry on lifecycle events * Fixed CentOS 5 install failure # 1.7.0 (10 July 2016) * Fixed daily telemetry report on centos/RedHat systems * Added diagnostic telemetry on Datagrid client configuration # 1.6.0 (15 June 2016) * Forward compatibility change to pm_ApiCli call for Plesk Onyx # 1.5.0 (10 June 2016) * Improved support for UI themes # 1.4.0 (8 June 2016) * Added support for Plesk 12.0 * Change vulnerability links to point to vendor-specific sites rather than to the generic NIST descriptions * Improved handling of smaller screen sizes (mobile) * Improved error handling on unsupported OS distros # 1.2.0 (25 May 2016) * Initial release, supporting Plesk 12.5 and Plesk Onyx